Case Studies: a Forensic Psychiatrist’s Role

What are the nuts and bolts of when and how a forensic psychiatrist can assist?  A few examples – case studies – below. You may also find interesting a short summary of a few other interesting cases I have worked on. Confidentiality prevents me from delving into a few other very interesting cases. I will do my best to give at least a flavor of how my role as a forensic psychiatrist played out and was useful.  I often receive calls from attorneys not sure how a forensic psychiatrist can help them, only the sense it is the right direction.  Perhaps opposing counsel named a forensic psychiatrist and now it is on the radar, or emotional distress has become a hotspot.  On many occasions, I have been retained to assess a case about one issue, only to discover an unexpected, unanticipated area for exploration, which then led to understanding the case from a new perspective. My following “reflections” will remain a work in progress. It is worth mentioning at this point that many of these cases were litigated or settled. Because of privacy concerns and confidentiality issues, I have disguised the identities of individuals and particular cases. In instances where I gave testimony in open court, I am less constrained by privacy issues.

  • Case Studies in Forensic Psychiatry / Medical-Legal
  • Homicide and Murderers
  • Who’s On First – Allegations of Harassment, Discrimination, and/or Wrongful Termination
  • Head Injury or Schizophrenia?
  • AK-47
  • Emotional Traumas and Recovery
  • A Response to a Catastrophe
  • A Head Trauma With a Surprising Twist