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Curriculum Vitae

By Stephen M. Raffle, M.D.

Do you have experience in the area relevant to my case? What are your fees? What is your hourly rate? How much will it cost?

The last 3 questions are essentially the same.  There’s a very good reason my fee schedule isn’t posted on this website: it is not, in my experience, an indication of the question really being asked: “How much will it cost to have you do what I am seeking, to the level I need it to be done?” Followed closely by “Can you do it efficiently and cost-effectively?” The answer lies completely in the conversation that must take place between us. What do you seek? Do either of us know, prior to a conversation, what is necessary and how long it will take?

I have been a Forensic Psychiatrist for 40 years, giving me the advantage that whatever lies before me, I have probably done it before, and sometimes many hundreds of times. I am by skill and nature efficient.  My fee schedule, produced out of context, in no way states the cost of my services.

Am I the right expert for your case? Given my contribution to the litigation, which is always the bottom line, am I worth the expense to your client? Will I accomplish in fewer hours and at a greater level of quality what an alternative expert can, whatever his or her “price.”

My fee schedule is available on request, of course, but it is my hope that it be a companion to a conversation between us about what brought you to me and what is needed.

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