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By Stephen M. Raffle, M.D.

IME stands for “Independent Medical Examination.” As a forensic psychiatrist, an IME is an important tool when assessing an individual in order to render a medical opinion. However, an IME may not require the examination of an individual. In cases of testamentary capacity, for example, I may be assessing the mental capacity of an individual who has passed away and an IME is therefore impossible. On occasion, in contested cases, a plaintiff may not consent to a psychiatric examination and the Court may not order such an examination. Such situations notwithstanding, the Independent Medical Examination (IME) usually involves a face-to-face clinical examination as part of establishing the medical evidence in order to render a forensic medical opinion, psychiatric or otherwise, by the preponderance of the medical evidence. The usual scope of an IME may include clinical examination, review of records, psychological testing, collateral interviews, review of sworn testimony and research. See also What is a ‘Psychiatric Evaluation,’ a ‘Mental Evaluation’ or an ‘IME’ and what’s the difference between them?

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