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VA Declares May is Mental Health Month (Department Veterans Affairs)

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Curriculum Vitae

By Stephen M. Raffle, M.D.

The Department of Veterans Affairs announces May is Mental Health Month.  Veterans who have struggled with mental health may find resources at the website for the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Dr. Raffle has served as an expert witness in military and military zone cases, for plaintiff and defense, in military courts, court-martial, JAG and DBA (Defense Base Act) cases involving civilian contractors in areas of conflict, combat zones, also referred to as military zones of danger, VA cases, and, in all cases, questions of psychiatric disability.  Further, Dr. Raffle is a Forensic Psychiatrist expert in the areas of PTSD, Emotional Distress, Depression, Anxiety, and many mental health conditions which may be service-related and/or relevant to civilian private contractors under the DBA in war, conflict, and zones of danger.  Dr. Raffle is a Retired Captain in the Army, an experience which enriches his ability to better address and testify objectively about these issues.

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