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Curriculum Vitae

By Stephen M. Raffle, M.D.

When the brain is traumatically injured (TBI), will Depression follow?
It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to speculate about why depression might follow a Traumatic Brain Injury. Or does it?

Postmenopausal Women Taking Antidepressants May Be At Risk
“Postmenopausal Women Taking Antidepressants May Be at Higher Risk for Stroke, Death,” Los Angeles Times, By Melissa Healy, December 14, 2009. See below.

Family Doctor Keeping an Eye out For Depression
“Doctors Called on to Screen All Adults for Depression,”Amednews (published by the American Medical Association), By Kevin B. O’Reilly, October 26, 2009. See below.

Housing the Mentally Ill – The Courts Decide
“State Discriminated Against Mentally Ill, Judge Rules,” New York Times, By James Barron, September 8, 2009.

Mental Health: “ARMY STRONG”?
Articles from the New York Times and See below.

Mind/Body Connection: Does Exercise Diminish Depression?
“Exercise helps fight depression,” Los Angeles Times, By Jeannine Stein, August 3, 2009. See below.

PTSD – Dementia Link?
“Vets with post-traumatic stress are at high risk of dementia,” USA Today, By Mary Brophy Marcus, July 12, 2009. See below.

Post-Traumatic Stress, Autism Covered by Insurance? Mental and Physical Illness Gap Closing in Massachusetts Under New Law
“Widened Mental Benefits Pose Test,” The Boston Globe, By Kay Lazar, July 6, 2009. See below.

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